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Bio-Active (Stabilizer/Conditioner Remover) - 8 oz. Packet

Bio-Active (Stabilizer/Conditioner Remover) - 8 oz. Packet

Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer

Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer is an all natural and ultrapowerful water treatment solution to reduce excess Cyanuric Acid levels in swimming pools. Cyanuric Acid is the stabilizer used to provide UV stability to chlorine.


  • No need to drain your pool

  • Allows sanitizer to be effective

  • Advanced biocatalyst technology

  • Nontoxic, nonallergenic and nonpolluting

Available sizes

  • 8oz/226g


1.            Introduction

Cyanuric acid is added to swimming pools to stabilize chlorine levels. Without it, chlorine would rapidly degrade when exposed to the sun’s ultra-violet rays. Cyanuric acid is also known as conditioner or chlorine stabilizer. About 10% of dilchlor (powdered chlorine) or trichlor (tablets) is cyanuric acid. Over time the use of stabilized chlorine, causes cyanuric acid levels to build up making the chlorine less effective in sanitizing pool water. When the concentration exceeds 100 ppm the current management practice is to drain the pool half way and add new water. This wastes water and uses electricity in pumping the water out and refilling it.

2.            Recommended Cyanuric Acid Levels

Current industry and government recommendations are to maintain cyanuric acid levels at a minimum of 30 ppm (parts per million) and a maximum of   100 ppm.  At the lower levels the chlorine is more effective however it evaporates faster; at the higher levels the chlorine is less effective and evaporates slower.

3.            Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer

Bio-Active™ Cyanuric Acid Reducer works by reducing levels of cyanuric acid in swimming pools, maintaining the efficacy of chlorine and other sanitizing products.

All Bio-Active™ pool products are all-natural and nontoxic, non-allergenic and nonpolluting. Both the cyanuric acid and Bio-Active are biodegradable resulting in no residue left in the pool after use.

Bio-Active will not disturb pool chemistry or cause disruption to pool use or water clarity.

Using a unique feedback loop, Bio-Active will reduce cyanuric acid levels without removing all stabilizer from the pool. In typical applications, cyanuric acid levels are reduced to within the recommended target levels.

How Does Bio-Active Work?

Bio-Active is a biological approach to safely and effectively reducing cyanuric acid levels in swimming pools. Using powerful catalysts, Bio-Active simply accelerates the natural pathways of degradation for cyanuric acid.