Auto Cover Conversion Kit Upgrade W/ Detachable Rope System

Auto Cover Conversion Kit Upgrade W/ Detachable Rope System

Coverstar Top Guide Conversion Upgrade Kit with Detachable Rope System

Do you own a swimming pool equipped with an automatic pool cover? Is it time to replace your current cover skin? Is your cover a top guide system? Is your cover having problems opening and closing straight? Is your cover equipped with detachable ropes, or are the ropes sewn into the cover as one?  What type of leading edge does your cover have? Is it a beaded edge, or does the dacryon (cover material) wrap around the leading edge tube? What type of mechanism is your leading edge equipped with to help open and close your cover? Is it a wheel assembly with guides, sliders, and aluminum backing plates to insure extra security to help prevent your cover from dragging, tearing, or pulling free from the leading edge? Or is it a flimsy 2 wheels’ set-up with ample drag and tension as the cover opens and closes? Most important of all, who is your cover manufacturer? Is it Coverstar? If you can relate to any of the following then the Coverstar Top Guide Conversion Kit may be the inexpensive, but effective, solution for your pool.



Pictured is the complete conversion kit installed


Coverstar Top Guide Conversion Upgrade Kit W/ Detachable Rope System Parts List

Detachable ropes. There are many variables that can lead to snapped or frayed cover ropes. Bad pulleys, excess cover drag, incorrect rope tension, critters such as mice, or even just the normal wear and tear can lead to ropes snapping. With the Coverstar exclusive new detachable rope system we are now able to simply replace your cover ropes without having to replace your entire cover. It is recommended to replace both ropes even if only 1 side needs repairing. This is due to the stretching that takes place within the new ropes. Just need to order a set of new ropes? Click Here

Leading edge wheel assembly with 3” nylon tube inserts, guides, and aluminum backing plates. This sturdy set up gives your cover the extra support needed to insure smooth opening and closing, while allowing pivoting of the cover. The backing plates fasten the cover and ropes to the leading edge as one to prolong the life of your cover, helping to prevent the tearing, ware, and drag.

Top guide tracking and 3” Aluminum leading edge tube.  The new tracking has a flat edge to allow for the easy sliding of the guides while cover is opening and closing cover. 3” leading edge tube gives a more stable and sturdy leading edge. It is a universal fit for beaded or loop cover edge.


Top guide hardware kit to include screws, anchors, guide feeds, stoppers, splices,  pulley endcaps. Guide feeds prevent cover from diverting out of tracking. The stoppers insure your cover will never be retracted too far when opening cover.

The upgrade kit is recommended to be installed at the same time as the replacement of a new cover itself. Additional freight charge may be added to order as this is an oversized product