(B983) Square Flange, 2-Speed, 1.5HP Motor, 230V
[Motor - B983]

(B983) Square Flange, 2-Speed, 1.5HP Motor, 230V

This motor fits these pumps

  • Reliablity of fewer components.
  • No switch contacts to burn, corrode, stick or misalign
  • Motor components are designed and rated for continuous duty.
  • Centurion(r) switch-free designs have lower starting and running amps.
  • Under rare low line voltage conditions the Centurion(r) designs have operated down to 75% of rated voltage.
  • The only 6.5" inch "56-Frame" shell diameter means thicker shell material and greater heat dissipation capacity.
  • The most complete product line available in the pool market place, including the Centurion(r) SE option for smooth frame design and Centurion(r) II with 48-Frame shell diameter, all with an easy voltage change design.
  • Four times the neccessary starting torque to overcome seal tension.


Warranty Period
All Century motors are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of installation or twenty-four months (24) from the date of manufacture, whichever comes first.

Conditions of Warranty
This limited warranty shall be void and of no effect if:

  • The motor has been subjected to improper handling, storage or installation, or subject to abuse or unauthorized repairs;
  • The motor was not suitable for the application or operated above its rated load; or
  • The motor was subject to water damage including motor bearing failures resulting from pump seal failures.
Product Details


ALTERNATE PART #'S12073, 12201, 165984, 177068, 177115, 177121, 177145, 177177, 177456, 190154, 193990, 196444, 1D182, 35-5377, 5KCR49SN2095X, 5U139, 7-177068-07, 8-177068-07, 8-177145-04, 8-177145-05, 8-177456-03, 8-190154-01, B2983, B962, B983, C1312, EB983, K48M2P105A1, SQH15FL2, SQS1152R

Product Description

A.O. Smith Centurion replacement motor for Pentair WhisperFlo full rated, dual speed pumps. Specifications: HP = 1.5, RPM = 3600/1800, Voltage = 230, Amps = 10.0/3.5, Service Factor = 1.47, Frame = 56Y, Shaft = Threaded.

Motor Dimensions

Motor Name: 1.5 HP B983 & B2983 Replacement Pool Motor

HP:  1.5 / .19 HP

Speed: Dual

RPM: 3450/1725 RPM

Volts: 230 V

Amps: 10.0/1.6 amp

Service Factor: 1.47

Total HP: 1.65 HP

Frame: 56Y

Stock #: B983 or EB983

Shaft: Threaded

Overload Protector: Auto

Dimension Letter: C

Dimensions: 13.90 in.

Flange: Square

Commonly used on: Pentair Whisperflo



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