Check-A-Leak Leak Detector

Check-A-Leak Leak Detector

Product Description

Works in all types of pools, spas, and ornamental ponds. Easy to use, accurate, saves water, saves chemicals, saves you time and money! Automatically compensates for rain and evaporation.


  1. Check A Leak utilizes two floats that compare the changes in water levels in two separate chambers of the unit. The two chambers consist of:

  2. Water that is isolated from the pool and that is affected only by rain and evaporation.

  3. A tube that goes through the bottom of the body and is directly connected to the pool water.


How It Works

The water level in the pool chamber is always the same as the level in the pool. The two floats respond to the changes in the two chambers. If there is a leak in the pool, the leak gauge moves down moves down with the level of the pool while the other float remains at its original level. This change in relationship is easily seen on the leak gauge and the loss of water can be measured. Made of heavy duty lexan with a crystal clear finish.