Equipment Updates

Equipment Updates

Plumbing Updates / Equipment Upgrades

​Are the valves at your equipment hard to turn? Do you need to get out a big set of plyers just to turn them? Are you experiencing an ample amount of air running though your system? Are you having a difficult time getting quality suction when manually vacuuming your pool? Is priming your pool pump taking a lot longer than it used? If you answered yes to any of these question it may be time to consider updating your plumbing at your equipment. Whether you are looking to for a standard suction side complete manifold, or are looking at updating any/ all of your equipment, let us help assist you in making the best choice for your specific need. 

Please view some of our Plumbing Updates/ Equipment upgrades below


  • This installation included all new plumbing and valves, as well as an upgraded electronic iginition Rheem heater.


  • 3 Valve Suction side complete manifold update.


  • 2 Valve suction side complete manifold and a 3 valve return side valve update.


  • We eliminated the old style hayward 4 way ball valve (as they tend to not seal properly causing air bubbles to get into the system) installed a 3 valve suction side manifold update, 2 valve return side update, Pentair Intellichlor salt system, Rheem electronic ignition heater, and a Moss filtration system.


  • 3 valve suction side complete manifold update.


  • Installed a Pentair Intelliflo pump and a 3 valve suction side complete manifold equiped with check valves. (This particular customer has their euqipment well above grade, so the check valves were installed to help maintain the prime in the lines when backwashing filter or turning off euipment.


  • 3 valve suction side complete manifold and a 4 valve return side update.


  • 3 valve suction side complete manifold and a 6 valve return side manifold update


  • This was a complete overhaul at the equipment to include: Hayward S200 sand filter, Hayward 1hp Superpump, Pentair Intellichlor salt sytem, Rheem electronic ignition heater, along with all new valves and plumbing.


  • 19 valve update. Suction side and return side complete manifolds on both the pool equipment as well as the spa.