Full Pool Rebuilds, Line Repairs, Etc

Full Pool Rebuilds, Line Repairs, Etc




  • This was a lot bigger job than anticipated. A simple liner replacement turned into comverting a diving pool into a sport (non-diving) pool in order to save the pool. There was so much ground water coming from behind the pool that it washed out the entire deep end. There was no option of getting heavy equipment in this customers backyard without major work so our guys had to wheel barrow roughly 600 loads on class 5 and river rock, as well as a full layer of vermiculite in order to complete the project. The final product turned out as expected and the customer was greatly satisfied.


  • This project included replacement of the liner, all new lines ran from the pool to the equipment to include elimination of the "low hole" suction line by adding a bottom floor drain for better circulation, new wall fittings, and new suction and return manifolds.


  • This project was a complete rebuild of an existing pool. We installed a new liner, fiberglass step, all new bullnosed deck coping, ran all new individual lines from the pool to the equipment and getting rid of the old "teed" lines, new skimmers, new wall fittings, all new plumbing at equipment to incldue suction and retun side manifolds. We also installed a new Coverstar auto cover from scrath with keyless pad entry. 


  • ​​Replacement off all return lines on this concrete pool.