Hayward Salt & Swim 3C Control Panel (DIY Model)

Hayward Salt & Swim 3C Control Panel (DIY Model)

Product Description

You will get unimaginable Comfort of silky soft water, that wont turn eyes red or dry out skin. Salt & Swim 3C's more natural approach to chlorination also eliminates the harsh chlorine odor associated with factory-produced chlorine.

Convenience means no more mixing, measuring, or lugging heavy buckets and jugs of harsh Chlorine. With Salt Chlorination, sanitizing pools happens automatically by converting ordinary salt into Chlorine - now that's Convenient.

What if you could get the Comfort and Convenience you desire, but at a savings on chlorination Costs of more than 50%? You can, with Salt & Swim 3C. Salt & Swim 3C's salt cell produces a ton of chlorine (literally), but at more than half the cost of other forms of Chlorine.


A single Salt & Swim 3C Cell produces 200 lbs of 100% available chlorine which is equivalent to:

  • 225 lbs Trichlor (90%)

  • 208 gallons of Liquid chlorine (10%)-weighs over 1 ton

  • 308 lbs of Calcium hypochlorite (65%)

  • 333 lbs of Dichlor (60%)

  • 571 lbs of Lithium hypochlorite (35%)

For use with in-ground pools up to 30,000 gallons

Hayward Salt and Swim 3C

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