Hybrid - Mission - Round 24' COMPLETE KIT

Hybrid - Mission - Round 24\' COMPLETE KIT



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Product Description

This DIY above ground pool kit is perfect for the family! Seek more fun in the sun all summer long! By combining the strength of steel and the aesthetics of injection-molded resin, the Hybrid Series gives you the best of both worlds. Thanks to advanced engineering, superior materials and renowned durability, above ground pools reach new heights! The hybrid structure will ensure that you'll get the most out of your pool all summer long!


  • CASTELLA wall pattern in warm neutral tones add a classic and stylish touch to any backyard decor.

  • 8-inch resin top ledges are designed for precision fit and stronger rigidity.

  • Sturdy steel uprights are complemented with the resin bottom plate and integrated footcover.

  • Two-piece resin decorative ledge cover that won't chip, peel or splinter.

  • Uprights designed for maximum strength and engineered to be reliable for decades.

  • Bottom plate with integrated foot cover made in resin.


*Sub-Assembly icludes Pool and liner. **Complete Kit include: Pool Walls, Liner, Filtration System, Ladder, Wahoo Cleaner, Mini Chlorinator, 5 pc Maintenance Kit, Hayward Widemouth Skimmer, All Hoses/Whitegoods/Clamps etc., Bead Receiver and Cove. ***Complete Kit does NOT include Sand, Telepole, or Heater.



  • 8-inch Injection molded resin top ledge

  • Radiused top ledge for design & strength

  • Sturdy steel uprights

  • Two-piece resin ledge covers

  • Injection-molded resin bottom rails

  • Stylish resin foot cover

  • Castella wall pattern

  • Heavy corrugated wall with superior coatings

  • Stainless steel fasteners

  • Exclusive multi-layer enamel system for extra protection

  • Easy to assemble

  • Yard extender system for oval pools

    • Invisible lateral supports that you place in the ground







Technical Specifications


54" Height









54" Height

12' x 23'

15' x 26'

15' x 30'

18' x 33'


  • Pearl


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