Did You Know?

Nava- 1" Brominating Tablets 25 lb pail

Nava- 1\" Brominating Tablets 25 lb pail

Nava 1" brominating tablets are a powerful and effective sanitizer similar to chlorine, but are much less irritating to skin and eyes.This prestabilized chemical does not require the use of stabilizers or pool water conditioner, which saves money and increases ease of use. Bromine dissolves at a slower rate than chlorine and requires a special automatic feeder. 


  • Much less irritating to your skin and eyes than Chlorine

  • No chlorine odor

  • Makes your pool water silky smooth

  • Nava sanitizers are designed to kill bacteria, algae and other living organisms.

  • Nava sanitizers also offer built in protection from the sun, extending the life of your sanitizer.

  • Talets dissolve completely, leaving no residue and reduce the amount of acid required to keep your water balanced.