Pool Boy 1 - 120 Volt Electric Powered - Solar Cover Remover - PB0-70-7000

Pool Boy 1 - 120 Volt Electric Powered - Solar Cover Remover - PB0-70-7000

Pool Boy In-ground Electric Solar Cover Reel Systems

Product Description

Cover and uncover your pool quickly and easily.
The Pool Boy® Electric Solar Cover Reel provides a fast and convenient way to cover and uncover your pool. The Pool Boy® design offers effortless operation by one person by eliminating hand cranking and tugging on solar blankets. At the heart of the Pool Boy® design is the remote operation system which features a low voltage transformer that simply plugs in to any standard 120 volt GFCI outlet. The handheld remote control is completely waterproof and floats. The Pool Boy® system is designed for rectangular pools up to 20’ x 40’.


• Remote Controlled 
Adjustable Roller Height in 1 inch increments from 4 in. to 9 in. to accommodate diving boards and larger covers
• Heavy Duty Aluminum Tubes 
• 40 ft. cable
• Tether kit
• Easy Installation, plugs into a 115 VAC GFCI protected outlet 
• Use Your Existing Solar Blanket 
• Listed by CSA International as Certified 
• Manual Override Capabilities

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How It Works

The POOL BOY® motor does all the work for you by winding and unwinding the cover from the reel. The tether kit attaches to the end of the cover allowing you to easily guide it across the water. The remote control makes it easy for one person to operate and works both in extension and retraction.

Please watch our informational videos on how the pool boy system operates


Benefits From Using a Solar Cover 



            STOP STRUGGLING!                                                          START RELAXING!

The first years energy cost savings is often greater than the cost of a Pool Boy system.

Savings by location* when solar covers are used regularly.

* Figures based on outdoor pool heated to 80º F with an 80% efficient gas heater.
Source: US Department of Energy

Additional Benefits

  • Pool owners may see an energy cost decrease of up to 75%.
  • Conserve water by reducing the amount of make-up water needed by 30%-50%.
  • Reduce the pool’s chemical consumption by 35%-60%
  • Reduce cleaning time by keeping dirt and other debris out of the pool.

Product Comparison

Pool Boy 1 Pool Boy 2 Pool Boy 3
120V power scource/ plug in  120V power source/ plug in 12V power source/ Battery
Adjustable tube height Staionary tube height Stationary tube height



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