Solar Cover - $10 Discount
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Solar Cover - $10 Discount

Save $10 - Your solar Cover purchase price will be reduced by $10 but you MUST enter this code in order to receive your discount. Special is valid from May 1, 2016 until June 1, 2016. Please remeber our pricing is a delivered price.

Solar Cover Discount Code: solar10

MidwestCanvas Corp.

12 Mil Thickness - 10 year Manufacturer's Warranty

Unique Aluminum Heat ShieldElectric Blue Heat Collector14.6 percent greater heat retention

Here's How it Works... The Space Age�* Solar Blanket collects heat from the sun's rays similar to a traditional blanket. Otherwise lost heat is reflected back into the pool from the special Aluminium underside.

Researched and developed in the United States, now manufactured under licence in the UK.

*US Patent # 6,286,155

Space Age Solar Blankets

Diagram of Solar Blanket

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