Weekly Summer Pool Chemical Service As Provided by Pool Products Direct.

Weekly Chemical Pool Service

At PPD we would like to see all pool owners simply enjoy their pool. With today's active lifestyle, finding the time to test and chemically treat your pool water is very difficult. It seams that more often then not, pool owners are doing something wrong and ending up with a cloudy or green swimming pool. If this sounds familiar, then you also realize that once the pool is "Cloudy" or "Green", clearing the water up takes a lot of time and money. PPD's solution is to have us take the responsibility of keeping the pool water crystal clear and properly sanitized so all you and your family has to do is swim.

Standard Weekly Services Performed

  • Backwash the Pool Filter (Sand or DE)
  • Emptying of the Skimmer's Basket's if Needed
  • Testing of the Pool Water (Ph, Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Alkalinity, Stabilizer Content, and Minerals)
  • Installation of Any/All Chemicals Needed for Proper Sanitation
  • Any/All of the Chemicals Needed are Included with this Service
  • We use Only Name Brand Chemicals (No Gas Charged Chlorine)

Our program is designed for a single weekly visit. Our Guarantee to you is that with our weekly visit we will keep your pool properly sanitized. We will supply free additional treatments on any pool that does not remain clear and sanitized. Our Service is designed to Maintain Clear pools.

This "Guarantee" is based on the customer following the "Customer Responsibilities."

How this Service Works -

Our Pool Chemical Service season operates from the week of May 11, 2020 through the week of September 7, 2020. This equates to "18" Weekly Treatments. We will inform you of your specific treatment day (M-F) by May 1st.

Program Pricing and Payment Options:

Seasonal Cost for pools using Chlorine Based Chemicals: $1,450 or $1,350 if paid in full by May 1st.
Seasonal Cost for Salt System Based Pools: $1,400 or $1,300 if paid in full by May 1st.
Payment Options: First Payment of $725 Due by May 1st for BOTH Chlorine or Salt systems.
*Second (Final) Payment - $725 (Chlorine) or $700 (Salt) is due on July 1st.
Payment Methods: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express

NOTES: Both plans include any/all algaecides, mineral treatments, pH & Alkalinity, specialty chemicals.
Chlorine Pools - will also include any/all tablet and shock chlorine
Salt Pools - will NOT have Chlorine Products added but WILL include any/all salt required.

*For those customer's choosing the "payment" option please understand that we will automatically charge your credit card used to sign up for this program on July 1 when the second and final payment is due. If you want to change the payment form it is your responsibility to email us the updated credit card information for this payment.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Allow access to the pool area on scheduled treatment day
  • Make sure the filter backwash hose is extended to desired drainage. (We do not roll up backwash hoses)
  • Make sure the solar cover or auto cover is removed from the pool so we can add the chemicals
  • Make sure any/all pets are secured to protect our employees
  • Run your filtration system at least 12 hours each day during the daytime hours. (We recommend 24 hours)
  • Please perform your vacuuming responsibilities on a regular basis. (Leaves, grass clippings, etc. reduces chemical performance and may cause water clarity problems)
  • Pool is used under normal conditions and with reasonable care.
  • Report any/all concerns to PPD at: Email: Apools2000@aol.com Or Telephone: 651-439-8467

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