Pool Cleaner Installation

New Pool Cleaner Installation Service

Standard Service Includes: Delivery and installation of your purchased automatic pool cleaner. We will completely install and test for proper operation your new pool cleaner. Installations vary depending on the style of pool cleaner purchased. There are three typical pool cleaner styles (Pressure-Side, Suction-Side, and Robotic). Pressure side cleaners typically use a booster pump. A suction side cleaner typically connects to your skimmer or any other in pool suction line. A robotic cleaner operates as a standalone cleaner not requiring hookup to any of the poll water lines.

*Please follow the listed “Steps” to schedule your Pool Heater Installation Service

Step 1: Fill out the "Customer Information" Form
Step 2: Select your "Services Requested"
Step 3: Select your "Installation Week"
Step 4: Click the "Submit Request" icon.

Once your order has been submitted you will receive an automated email that informs you the order went through our system. Within 24 hours you will receive another email from ( that will detail your installation date.

Customer Information Form

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A credit card is required to serve as an appointment reservation. We will not charge your credit card at this time. Upon the completion of the services you may pay by cash or check. If payment for services is not left and no one is home to make payment then the card entered above will be used for payment on this scheduled service. If you will not be home for the scheduled appointment and prefer to pay by check please simply place the check inside a plastic sandwich bag and tape it to the pool filter.

Services Requested
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Pressure Side Pool Cleaner Installation Replacement (already have a similar cleaner)
A pressure side cleaner usually operates using a “booster” pump system that works in conjunction with your primary pool pump.
Pressure Side Pool Cleaner Installation (New Install – Electrician Required)
Suction Side Pool Cleaner Installation
A suction side cleaner hooks into your pool skimmer or an in-pool return line that is already plumbed and being used as a suction line.
Robotic Pool Cleaner Installation

Installation Week
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Selecting the “week” for your appointment works best for us as we need to group all of our service appointments in order to be efficient. No one needs to be home for the installation services to be performed as long as we have access to your swimming pool area. Please understand that specific installation dates will be finalized via email. We also perform a telephone appointment confirmation call the day prior to your scheduled appointment. Any appointment scheduled after a Wednesday may not get the “This week” installation service. We absolutely cannot give time frame appointments as each job takes a different amount of time. Our service appointments fill up very quickly. We offer service on a M-F basis.

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We will do everything we can to accommodate your specific date request but please understand that sometimes our daily route schedule will not allow this to happen. Specific dates are difficult to schedule during the month of May.

MUST READ: If your service Installation is in conjunction with a new product purchase from our website, we will deliver the product ordered at the same time we perform the Installation of ordered product. Thank you and we look forward to providing you with Quality Pool Service at an affordable price.

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