Did You Know?

Clear Result - 3” Clear Tabs 25 lb. pail


  • Unique formula produces higher chlorine efficiency

  • Reduces pool operating cost

  • Offers enhanced swimmer comfort

  • Causes less pH change


  • Maintains correct sanitizer levels while using less product

  • pH and alkalinity will drift less compared to normal tablets

  • Offers less maintenance and sparkling blue pool water

  • Continued use will make water gentle on swimmer’s eyes and skin

  • Helps make water feel soft and comfortable


  • Fill automatic chlorine feeder with tablets and adjust rate to achieve 1 to 1.5 ppm

  • The number of tablets used may vary with temperature, wind, pool usage and feeding method.

  • Test the chlorine residual in the pool water frequently

  • DO NOT add other product to the skimmer while Clear Tabs are in the skimmer