Coverstar - Auto-Cover - Replacement Cover w/Ropes - $2.35/sq. foot

Coverstar - Auto-Cover - Replacement Cover w/Ropes - $2.35/sq. foot

Residential Automatic Pool Covers

Our Coverstar® Automatic Pool Covers provide safety, substantially reduce water evaporation, reduce chemical consumption, aid in heating the pool water, and protect pools' interiors by preventing dirt, leaves and the other debris from accumulating. A Coverstar cover makes it easier to relax and enjoy your pool!

Engineered Safety

The ECLIPSE is engineered with safety as a top priority. While pools provide great fun, relaxation and enjoyment there are also very real safety issues for children and pets.

Fences and other devices can provide some degree of safety, but none will provide the level of safety or peace of mind that the ECLIPSE safety cover system gives. In less than a minute the ECLIPSE “horizontal fence" easily covers your pool to create a barrier for complete peace of mind.

**The ECLIPSE is independently certified by the Underwriters Laboratories to meet or exceed powered safety cover requirements by the American Society for Testing and Materials (A.S.T.M. F1346-91) The ECLPISE is UL listed for safety and national electrical standards.

Coverstar's commitment to safety engineering is also a commitment to you - Coverstar takes the worry out of pool ownership.



Engineered Enjoyment

Your backyard pool is a great place to relax, have fun and enjoy the company of friends and family; a place to create memories that will last a lifetime. With Coverstar ECLIPSE your pool will be clean, warm and ready to enjoy in less than a minute. The good times will be ready to happen with the push of a button.


Engineered Experience

Coverstar has engineered the ECLIPSE pool cover system to fit your needs providing precise mechanical engineering, attention to safety, durability, creativity, and savings.

When the nation's top pool builders consider a powered/automatic pool cover, they want to know how well it will serve the needs of their customers. They want to be certain that the cover system they choose will be reliable for many years to come. What is it about Coverstar that makes builders confident enough to recommend it to their homeowners? The answer is years of engineering experience.

Since 1990 Coverstar has been the industry leader using innovative engineering and leading edge technology. Coverstar was the first with cover guide encapsulation, first with flush deck cover guides, first with reusable deck forming systems, and first with a myriad of component reliability features. With the advent of the ECLIPSE, Coverstar extends its reputation for creating the best-engineered safety cover system in the pool industry. Others have tried to copy the patented technology but none have succeeded.

Coverstar is committed to the principle of engineering great products for their customers. Conceiving, designing, engineering and manufacturing automatic pool covers like the ECLIPSE safety cover is their passion. As a homeowner, you can be assured that your Coverstar pool cover has been engineered to exceed and many times set new industry standards for reliability, safety and savings.

Engineered Creativity

The ECLIPSE™ automatic safety cover has superior engineering based on more than 35 years of field experience. As pioneers in pool cover industry, the professional Coverstar engineers are capable of designing covers for almost any application size, shape, pool or spa, indoors or out. Look no further than the ECLIPSE system to cover your pool.

Using the latest engineering technology, the Coverstar ECLIPSE system can be designed to fit your needs. We can cover your pool whether it is constructed of gunite, fiberglass or a vinyl liner. Our cover can be designed to fit a vanishing edge, raised bond beam, extreme cantilever, kidney or freeform. Each distinctively inspired pool can be covered using Coverstar's ECLIPSE unique engineering technology.

Engineered Savings

The ECLIPSE system saves on heating, chemicals, and reduces the time typically spent cleaning a pool.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a pool cover is the best way to reduce evaporation of water while also reducing chemical and heat loss. Covered pools will stay warm when evening temperatures drop, noticeably reducing heating costs.

The ECLIPSE acts as a passive solar heater by using the sun's radiant heat to warm the water. The ECLIPSE is engineered to save up to 70% of pool heating costs, while warming your pool 8 - 10 degrees. The cover also reduces water evaporation by as much as 90% while reducing the consumption of chemicals up to 70%. The cover automatically keeps your pool cleaner and protects your pools interior by preventing dirt, leaves and the other debris from accumulating in your pool. Pool equipment lasts longer by working less. Coverstar make it easier to relax and enjoy your pool!

In addition to all these monetary savings, you'll also save something even more valuable - your time. Coverstar will help to reduce the time typically spent adding chemicals and cleaning out dirt or leaves out of the pool. Spend your time in the pool instead of working on the pool. The Coverstar ECLIPSE is engineered to help you reduce the cost of owning your pool and give you more time to enjoy it.

  • Save Time

  • Save Money

  • Keeps Pool Cleaner

  • Reduce Heat Loss

  • Reduce Evaporation of Water & Chemicals

Standard Features & Options

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