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CCH Endurance - Cal Hypo - Large Tabs - 25 lb. Pail

CCH Endurance - Cal Hypo - Large Tabs - 25 lb. Pail

Why Calcium Hypochlorite Large Tabs is the BEST Choice!

A 3-in-1 product that chlorinates consistently, increases calcium and balances alkalinity to stabilize pH!

CCH® Tablets

· Longer shelf life than liquid bleach

· Effective alternative to chlorine gas and liquid bleach

· Contain a scale inhibitor

· Easy to transport and use

· Dry chemical does not leak

· Reduces chloramine odors dramatically when compared to bleach

· Calcium hypochlorite does NOT contain stabilizer (Cyanuric Acid)


CCH® slow dissolve tablets

Benefits of Contemporary Sanitization in a Slow-Dissolve Formula Tablet

CCH® Endurance Tablets are non-stabilized, and do not contain cyanuric acid. Stabilized sanitizers like trichlor or sodium-dichlor contain cyanuric acid. Too much Cyanuric acid can cause severe water chemistry issues which can only be resolved by replacing the pool water. These tablets are a slow dissolve product.

NOTE: The "golden rule" when it pertains to swimming pool granular or tablet chemicals is very simple. NEVER combine two different types of products in the same dispensing container or pool skimmer. Do NOT use this product in a standard Chlorine automatic dispenser.