Fall Pool Closing Service

*Please Follow The Listed "Steps" To Schedule Your Pool Closing

Step 1: Fill out the "Customer Information" Form
Step 2: Select the "Plan" for your Closing
Step 3: Select any "Options" for your Closing
Step 4: Select the "Week" for your Closing
Step 5:Clickthe "Submit Appointment" Icon

Customer Information Form

*This Form Must Be Completely Filled Out Or Your Service Request Will Not Be Processed

Service Address (if different from billing address above):
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A credit card is REQUIRED to serve as an appointment reservation. We will not charge anything to the supplied card at this time. Upon completion of Service, you may pay by cash or check. Any promotional discounts will be applied to the final invoice upon service completion. If payment is not left and no one is present to make the payment, then the supplied credit card will be used for payment on this scheduled service.

Select The "Plan" For Your Closing

*Only "One" Plan Should Be Selected. If we are closing a Pool and a Spa, make the spa selection in the "Options" Section

Plan 1: Inground Pool (No Cover Installation)

Plan 2: Above Ground Pool (No Cover Installation)

Plan 3: Inground Pool with Mesh Suspension Cover Installation

Plan 4: Inground Pool with Waterbag (Tarp) Cover Installation

Plan 5: Above Ground Pool with Cover Installation

Plan 6: Spa Closing

*Select Any/All "Options" To Include With Your Closing

Option A: Spa Closing w/Above Selected Pool Closing
Option B: Concrete or Gunite Pools Additional Charge
Option C: Underwater Pool Closing Upgrade (Customer has correct skimmer gizmo and/or skimmer Aquadoor System)
Option D: Bring correct skimmer gizmo for my selected underwater pool closing. I understand I will be charged an additional $10 per skimmer gizmo needed

Swimming Pool Closing Includes

  • Removal of all Deck Equipment (Ladder,Handrails, Light) We do not remove Diving Boards Due to Liability
  • Removal of Skimmer Basket's and Return Eyeballs
  • Blowout of All Pool Related Water Lines using an "Air Compressor". We also add Antifreeze where needed.
  • Proper Winterizing of Pool Equipment (Filter, Pumps, Heater, Chlorinator, Etc.
  • Addition of Winter Chemicals (Non-Chlorine Shock, Winter Algaecide, Mineral Control Agent)$35 Value

Select The "Week" For Your Pool Closing

You will be notified by Email or Telephone with the exact date of your appointment. You will be Notified of your appointment date 7-10 days before your scheduled appointment. This allows us the opportunity to group our appointments with more efficiency. If we cannot honor your selected week, we will notify you immediately with an alternate date. We schedule all of our appointments on a "first come first serve" basis. We highly recommend that you submit your appointment request as early as possible so we can honor your selected week.

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This Form Must be Completely Filled Out or Your Service Request Will Not be Processed