Pool Heater Installation

New Pool Heater Installation Service

Standard Service Includes: Delivery and placement of the new pool heater in position alongside the pool filtration system. We will disconnect any current pool heater and remove it from the system. The new heater placement will be level and in the same location as the old heater. If this is a new heater installation that does not have an old heater in place we will place the heater where we think it is best. Additionally if this is a heater installation that does not have a current gas line to the heater you will need to have this portion done by a licensed gas line installer. This needs to take place AFTER we have the new heater installed. Pool Products Direct recommends contacting Metro Gas Installers at 763-754-7119 to get a free cost estimate for a new gas line application. With an existing heater replacement we will connect the gas line to the new heater using the correct gas piping materials. We will perform the plumbing of the input and output water lines to the heater. If your new heater is an electronic ignition model we will install the required 120/220 volt wiring connection using the correct electrical materials. We will perform a heater operation systems check to ensure the heater is operating correctly. We will provide the homeowner with all warranty and registration materials. If the homeowner is present at the time of the installation we will perform an operations orientation of the new heater. We will place the old heater at the end of your driveway for your trash collector to take. Most trash haulers charge on average $65 to take your old heater. NOTE: If you want us to completely haul away and dispose of the old heater you will need to select that option in the Services Requested portion of this order form.

*Please follow the listed “Steps” to schedule your Pool Heater Installation Service

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Once your order has been submitted you will receive an automated email that informs you the order went through our system. Within 24 hours you will receive another email from ( that will detail your installation date.

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Services Requested
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New Heater Installation (there is a current heater in place)
New Heater Installation (no current heater & no gas line installed)
Old Heater Haul Away & Disposal

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Selecting the “week” for your appointment works best for us as we need to group all of our service appointments in order to be efficient. No one needs to be home for the installation services to be performed as long as we have access to your swimming pool area. Please understand that specific installation dates will be finalized via email. We also perform a telephone appointment confirmation call the day prior to your scheduled appointment. Any appointment scheduled after a Wednesday may not get the “This week” installation service. We absolutely cannot give time frame appointments as each job takes a different amount of time. Our service appointments fill up very quickly. We offer service on a M-F basis.

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MUST READ: If your service Installation is in conjunction with a new product purchase from our website, we will deliver the product ordered at the same time we perform the Installation of ordered product. Thank you and we look forward to providing you with Quality Pool Service at an affordable price.

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