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Pool Products Direct does offer leak detection services to include pressure testing of the water lines along with looking for liner leaks using our electronic leak detecting equipment. Before we schedule an appointment to come out, there are some tests you can do that may isolate the problem. In leak detection and specifically water line leak detection you will lose water while the pool system is on and unless the leak is in the bottom drain, not much water loss when the system is off. Additionally, a return line leak typically loses water at a rate of 1-6 inches per day versus a suction line leak at a rate of 1/2 - 2 inches a day. These numbers are fairly accurate for a system that runs 24 hours daily.

There could be a leak by means of a crack in the skimmer bottom. We’ve repaired many of these leaks. You could also have a leak at your filtration equipment thus being the cause of the water loss. There are 2-3 equipment related leaks to look for. The most obvious would be a leaking pool pump seal. If there is constant moisture or water in general at the point where the motor meets the pump then you have a seal leak. If your filter valve has a backwash line then the leak could be caused from a bad filter valve which will often allow the water to escape out the backwash line even when the valve is in the filter mode. If you backwash line is buried it makes it a little more difficult to see if this is the problem. Please check these items first.

Moving Forward - We want you to perform the following tests. Even if you have done a portion of the test we need you to follow these instructions so that we can get real good numbers from these tests.

  1. Fill the pool to the arrows on the skimmer faceplate and place your solar cover on the pool surface.
    1. Shut the pool pump system off for exactly 24 hours.
    2. After 24 hours take a ruler or tape measure and measure the "exact" water loss. Write this measurement on a piece of paper.
  2. Fill the pool with water back up to the same start point which is the skimmer plate arrows. Keep the solar cover on the pool.
    1. Run the pool system for exactly 24 hours.
    2. After 24 hours take a ruler or tape measure and measure the "exact" water loss. Write the measurements on a piece of paper.
  3. Email us (apools2000@aol.com) the two 24 hour test results.
    • Test 1 - pool off - water loss = _______________
    • Test 2 - pool on - water loss = _______________
After we receive these test numbers we will let you know what to do next or you can simply click on the “Schedule Leak Detection” below.

FYI: Typically if there is any sort of underground line leak or equipment leak the pool will lose more water in Test 2 versus Test 1.

All tests need to be performed without rain or the numbers will be skewed.

We charge the following for leak detection services -
Air Pressure Test of all water lines including the bottom drain - $305
Air Pressure Test of all water lines EXCEPT the bottom drain - $235
In pool (Liner) leak detection using our electronic equipment - $245
Liner Patches - $20 per patch which includes labor/material. More than 5 patches the price reduces to $15 per patch applied. If the water temperature in the pool is colder than 80 degrees we charge a flat rate of $150 if we are required to dive in the pool in order to apply a patch. If the pool water is at least 80 degrees we reduce the dive fee to $75.
Complete Leak Detection Service - $499