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Liquid Chlorine - 4x1 Gallon Case

Liquid Chlorine - 4x1 Gallon Case

Pool Shock Liquid Chlorine - 12.5% Crystal Bright - 4x1 gallons per case

SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE SOLUTION *Sold in case quantity only* 

Product Overview

Designed to be used as shock, sanitizer or super-chlorinator this 128 oz. Chlorinating Liquid is easy to use. Each container of chlorinating liquid dissolves instantly and does NOT cloud your pool water. Designed for all types of pools, even salt treated.




  • Calcium free, will not cloud pool water
  • Works instantly in any type of swimming pool
  • For everyday chlorination and super chlorination
  • Each pack contains Four 1 Gal. containers of liquid chlorine
  • Always test your pool water for the current chlorine reading before adding any chlorine related products.

Our Recommended Spring Pool Start-Up is based on a combination of your pool water current chlorine reading AND a visual description of what the pool water looks like. For a standard 18'x36' Rectangle Diving pool, our recommendation is as follows.

If your pool water has a 0-1.0 ppm Chlorine reading with clear to partly cloudy pool water condition - 2 to 4 gallons of liquid chlorine with 1 qt of 60% Poly based Algaecide. If your pool water has a 0 ppm Chlorine reading with visible algae - 4 to 8 gallons of liquid chlorine with 2 qts. of a 60% "Poly" based Algaecide. IMPORTANT - Remember to test your pool water chlorine reading within 24-36 hours after initial application and add more product if needed.

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